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Who Is Satish Anand?

Satish Anand is an Indian motivational speaker, who lived near the Nepal border, 90 km from Gorakhpur in Nautanwa. Coming out of his difficult circumstances, today he is a Trainer, Behavior Trainer, and International Author, whose book is popular all over India.

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Satish Anand Biography

Satish Anand’s life has been quite a struggle. As mentioned above that Satish was born in Nautanwa in the small town of Gorakhpur. He lived in a slum on the side of the road. He studied in a school where his respected father used to sweep the toilet in the same school. Money was tight in the house. That’s why he lived in a broken hut.

Seeing this, Satish Ji used to be very sad. To fix the financial condition of his family, he left home without informing to find a job. So that they can help the family by earning some money. And with this thought, he reached Lucknow city by sitting on a train. Due to coming to that place for the first time, he could not get any work. After a lot of hard work, he got a job as a servant in a hotel.


Satish Anand Ji was given some money to work on the hotel for some time. Satish Ji used to make his living. But after some time Satish Anand gets a job in the call center, for which he used to get 6500 thousand rupees for working. Satish Anand Ji tells that this moment was the most important moment of his life because Satish Ji wanted a job so that he could help his family financially.

Due to his hard work and ability, he is today a motivational speaker and international writer. Today he is also a trainer and international author by motivation. The book was written by Satish Anand Ji, Circumstances Lifted Him Up: The Colors of Life, etc. Even more popular.

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We give credit for this complete biography and information to Indian author Satish Anand because this complete biography and information are based on his life. We have just tried to throw light on his life. Hope you like this information and hope you will share this post with your loved ones.